About Us

Our History

Owner: Rick Goeller    Est. 1984   

Our founder, Rick Goeller, has been in this business long enough to where he has seen it all, and sold it all; Our very first store sold 45's, records, water beds, even had a black light post room. Then we added 4 track tapes, 8 track tapes, cassettes, quad sound. We were one of Utah's first ticket outlets for concerts, at one time we sold home stereo products; Bose, SBL, Advent, Pioneer, Lser Discs, Technics Turntables, Panasonic. Atari video products -- Remeber Pong? Pac Man? Sold that. In the 70's a large portion of our business was expeditor business, we sold product to many of Utah's finest car dealers. We were a a Blaupunkt distributor and supplied sound to Volkswagon, Audi, Porsche etc. We sold big screen TVs; Panasonic, Advent, Pioneer to name a few. When CD's hit the market we headed out thousands of shirts proclaiming it was the year of the CD. We had many -- what we considered media partners in radio to spread our message; KWAK, KCPX, KASP to name a few. Promotions at the Salt Palace, Murray Park, The State Fairgrounds, Car Wars, and the Bonneville Speedway. We had a blast, we were in the entertainment business and tried to entertain the consumer with our marketing messages. We were amongst the first to sell automotive security systems. That was a fun one at first, they had a mind of their own and you would never know when they'd go off. Our industry that was changing all the time, we do marvel with disbelief at where it was compared to where it is now. We were at 5235 south state street, then moved to 3405 south state street, and now we currently reside at onf of the largest 12 volt stores in america at 1130 south main street. Sound, sure we still do that, yet to get through the years we've added window tint, leather kits, upholstery repair, driver assist products, video, navigation, heated seats, marine products, and powersports products. We've been honored by our industry numerous times, winning; Retailer of The Year, #1 single store in America, top 50 retailer, top 12 retailer for Alpine, Audison, Hertz, JL Audio, Sony, and many more. We invite you stop by our store sometime and Discover Our World!